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Concert video is a key in Music communication which should no more be missed. It's a link and a gift to fans, a perfect demo for venues, an efficient promotion for shows and a good way to become well known within all social networks.

You may observe that many clips remain online over a too long period. The high production cost may be the reason. But the today's online communication needs to feed regularly with new content in order to create, maintain and increase the buzz.

Jean-François Réveillard, founder of DBC, is producer as TV professional and live filming is his passion. He decided to respond to the problem of high need of videos, by first providing original multicamera live filming services, with a reduced crew for doing it. This is the way to decrease the production budget while maintaining the filming quality with cameras in different angles and live concert atmosphere.

The basic filming facilities that we propose consist in 3 full HD cameras.

““Making cheaper in making several” is possible with our original concept using simple filming technology and tools. Don't hesitate to ask for consulting if you're interested in this kind of concept.

Actually we're convinced that several abstracts of several concerts delivered all over the year is a better communication method than one, and always the same, video clip played during two years ...




references ( Short list )

CCSwitz productions * The clients live @ Xtra, Martin Lechner Live @ Eyebirds and teaser for Jazzawards, Close to mars lIve @ Moods, Groove gang live @ Evita *

Cowbows from hell * Live @ Kaufleuten Hof *

Soulvision productions * James brown tribute, live @ Moods *

Mehrpsur Musikklub * Coproduction for 2 monthly live concert on DBC-tv and delivery on social networks *

Big band connection* Live @ Jazz ascona *

Yves Theiler * Live @ Moods, live @ Mehrspur*

Jazzbaragge wednesday Jam * Live concert on DBC-tv every week and delivery on social networks *

Spielmann piano * Coproduction for monthly classical concert and delivery on social networks *

Jazzwerkstatt Zurich festival 2010 / 2011 *Live on DBC-tv and coproduction for delivery on social networks and gift of one abstract to all musicians participants *


    With our original co-production philosophy, and broadcasting on our WebTV and social network as well, DBC is a real partner for your communication and promotion project.

With us, your video production – a main success factor - is not only done with a reduced budget, but also delivered to more than 5000 viewers and subscribers, over YouTube, Facebook, DBC RadioTV in addition to your own promotion activity on your website and your Facebook wall.

As your music is unique, each video is different. We study any project. No matter if you're a top 40 star or a music student, very rich and dreaming of huge digital facilities, or not that much, we love music and music production in all different scales.

If you wish it, we can take care of all the uploading and referencing. These tasks are time consuming, and your time is so precious for playing music....


DBC-Jean-François Réveillard

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 We can produce and organize your project in every place, in Switzerland and abroad, in all European countries like France, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Germany or in Japan, Caribbean Islands, America, with our network of professional and independent partners